Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome Back To 2018!!!

Welcome back bloggers!  It is finally 2018, I am really exited this year.  This year we did a DLO (Digital Learning Object) for cybersmart. Today we are doing it on keeping your password a secret, on a google drawing and we put on a video. When I said "we" I mean my friends Abby and Shabeera. The video toke a lot of tries to get it right but we finally got it right. It was fun doing it because some of them were funny. We are finally at the the last part of the project. I really had fun doing the video and making the poster, but sadly we have to finish this or we will get in trouble that we didn't finish. Here is a picture of the poster. If you want to see my friends blogs go to their names and click they name to see the link

Here is the short video.

Hope you liked it, please comment to tell me how it was and what we could do better on.
Blog you later-Skye

Friday, December 8, 2017

Favourite Part Of The Year

My favourite part of the year was meeting my new friend Shiya, Shiya was different from the other friends that I made she was fun, funny and nice. Shiya and I was best friends. We knew each other better when we went to Mt Ruapehu because we were sharing same room with each other. We talked a lot to know each other better then before. Shiya was a true friend better than the other ones that I had. We had different personally but I respect that. She respects my deepest secret, so I respect her deepest secret too. We can sometimes disagree with each other but we are still friends with each other. Friendship is worth more than gold and the saying goes. Here is some pictures of me and my friend Shiya

Blog you later-Skye

The Celebration Day

Hi Bloggers! In the past few weeks we have been doing a slide on our Gala day. It was awesome to see lots of people there at our Gala, it was a hit! Lots of people like our dances, food and games to do. people never got bored because there was lots of fun things to do. So we made a slide to post, so people could see what the Gala day was about. There was lots of thinking hats to do. We made 13,400 dollar from the Gala day that was a lot of money. There was White hat, black hat, yellow hat, blue hat and green hat it was all about how I did at the Gala day. Why don't you read my slide to see what it was all about.

Blog you later-Skye 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Soap Selling

Hi bloggers! Last term and this term we have been working on soap for our Gala day which is next week, there are going to be different stuff some of the class's are doing Recycled paper and Recyclable bags. We have made the soap so now we are making posters and putting them into little bags or on shells and getting names tied some where on the soap.How to make the soap?Well, 1. cut up the goats milk then put them in the microwave for 2 mins. 2.  Then put some lavender scenting oil and mix. 3. Get your moulds and put the soap in. 4. Put the soap in  and wait for two hours, and done! I am so excited to make the stalls and wait for people to buy our amazing soap! I wonder how much we will make from our or awesome soap? In my group we made Goat's milk soap, lavender soap and some other soap. One group made watermelon soap which was cool to make, even one of their posters was cool too. The Gala is going to be awesome, with lots of things to do at the Gala it is going to be the best Gala ever! If you want to know where the Gala is going to be, well it is going to be at Waikowhai Primary School 10AM-3PM Saturday 25 November. See you there! Here are some of the soap.⬇ 

Blog you later!-Skye  


Friday, October 27, 2017

My Maths Journey

Hi, I'm back bloggers! Last week we started doing a journey around New Zealand (But not in real life.😞) It was really fun because it was like I was really going around NZ it was fun but I'm almost finished with the journey around NZ. I am on slide 32 and there are 40 slides to finish it was the best Maths thing that I have ever done. There are a lot of maths, multiplying, addition, subtraction and thinking! I want to do it over again because its so much fun, I hope that we will do something fun like the journey I did. Have you, bloggers had fun at maths last week or this week? Here is a picture of my journey⬇.

Blog you later!-Skye😻

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Magic World Of Crazy Science

Hi Bloggers!! Today we watched a magic science show, sorry, a CRAZY magic science show. The person who did the show was called Richard, he had a computer genius called Robyn. They travel around the world to other schools to show them The Magic World Of Crazy Science! If you have watched The Magic World Of Crazy Science please tell me if you have watched it and tell me all about please!    

It was amazing how he had 5 red balls then he put them down and 2 balls came out of his mouth one at a time! But the best part was when he held fire in his hand, I was shocked, but it was only for a sec and he made a firework! I thought he was a robot with the grain on his hand, but it wasn't, that is amazing! Even though it was for a sec it was awesome! I wondered how he did it and how he got the 2 balls into his mouth it was really magic! I learned that you can have 2 or 5 (maybe more!) balls when a hair dryer is blowing and the balls will float on top of the hair dryers air. Here is a video about the fireworks. Please comment if you like this post!

Blog you later!-Skye✌


Friday, September 1, 2017

My Camp Booklet

Hi bloggers! Last week the year 6's and year 5's went to camp. When we went to Hamilton gardens, we had a competition on which team could find all the pictures that were on the 3 papers that we got from our group leaders. The green group (my group) came 3rd in the competition, when all the groups came back,we went back on to the track. Finally we got to the hotel, in the next morning we went to Mt Ruapehu and started skiing. I didn't do so well on the first day, but on the second day I got to go to the next level, Rock Garden. I was excited to go to Rock Garden, skiing there was fun but we had to go in an hour later. We went to hot pools that was not in Mt Ruapehu. When we got home, I was happy to see my family. Here is a slide about my ski trip, enjoy! Please leave a comment if you liked this post.

Blog you later!-Skye